ScenarioSelling: Technology and the Future of Professional Selling


Scenario Selling is a revolutionary new book and sales training program for VIP’s – Visual Interactive Planning and Selling.

This is a book about professional selling—what salespeople do with and for customers—and how it’s changing due to advances in technology. Since 1997 Patrick J. Sullivan and his business partner and coauthor, Dr. David Lazenby, Ph.D., have studied how technology has historically altered successful sales tools and methods. This book is the result of that research. Readers will gain an understanding of the changes required for salespeople and the selling profession to survive and thrive in the Digital Age.

The development and widespread use of Digital-Age technologies has resulted in and continues to introduce significant changes in the way people live, work, learn, buy, and sell.

Will technology eliminate the need for salespeople?

In this book you’ll discover why today’s Digital-Age technologies may well replace many salespeople; and be introduced to perhaps the only sales method and tool-set that will make salespeople irreplaceable: Scenario Selling.

Those who follow this sales training program will create real value for their customers, build stronger customer relationships, gain a competitive advantage, and thrive. Those who don’t may lose out to competitors who will.

Are you willing to be influenced to improve the way that you sell? If not, read no further. If you are, welcome and read on. We hope you find the ideas and examples in this book interesting and valuable.

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